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Installing Perl from Active State

Active State is a wonderful website for developers who want to run Perl on Windows PC's. Active State has already done all the hard work to get perl completely ready to install on your machine. They have a version of Perl that runs on Windows without any fussing around at all.

So, get ready to do good-sized download. It's best to choose "save this file to disk"  rather than "open this file from its current location", although either option should work.

You can download the install program of Perl for Windows in MSI format. There is a 32bit and 64bit version available, depending on your operating system. If you don't know which to take, 32bit is the better guess. (But you really should know which version your system has. Check your computer's properties to be sure.) Once you have this perl installation file downloaded, run it. It's best to accept all the default installation settings. After the installation, you'll find it in the c:\perl directory. You'll rarely need to go there directly though.

Important! You need to reboot after a new installation to pick up the new path in the autoexec.bat file before you can run Perl. Just reboot before going any further.

To test your installation once you've installed perl and rebooted, bring up a DOS window. It doesn't matter what directory you are in for now. Just type in:

perl -v

and you should get back a screenful of version information from perl. If you get a "bad command or filename" message, perl isn't properly set up. Did you reboot after the installation? If all else fails, email me and I'll see if I can offer any help.

Assuming your perl installation is healthy, continue on and either

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