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Installing a Web Server

A long time ago, Windows included a simple program called Personal Web Server (PWS) which provided an easy little webserver to use with Perl. With the release of Windows ME and XP, PWS was discontinued and replaced with Internet Information Server, known as IIS. Last time I tried, which I freely admit was quite a while ago now, configuring IIS for use with Perl was not that easy. There are simpler ways of doing it.

If you just want a simple webserver to test with, I recommend a different webserver than IIS. This webserver is free, and is well documented. You can find it at Aprelium. Look for the Abyss Web Server X1. It works very well and is much easier to set up than IIS. The exact configuration details are spelled out in the documentation for the X1 server so I won't repeat them here. But I think you'll find it is pretty easy to install and set up.

If you want something more configurable and powerful, you can't go wrong with the Apache webserver, which is available for Windows just as readily as for Linux. Again, the exact configuration details are not provided here, since there is Apache documentation for this. However, if enough users ask for explicit instructions to be included here, start asking by email, and I'll add them in.

By the way, once your webserver is set up to serve files to you on your local machine, you can use it as a webserver to serve other computers as well. You just have to make sure that these other computers have your webserver's IP in their browser and that they can reach that IP. For access through your external firewall, you'll have to make sure it is port forwarding properly and that there are no firewalls blocking the way.

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